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Friday, June 3, 2011

Elsa Lafuente Pataky pictures gallery (1)

Elsa Lafuente Pataky: biography and career

Elsa Lafuente Pataky (born 18 July 1976) is a Spanish actress. Pataky was born in Madrid, Spain, the daughter of José Francisco Lafuente, a Spanish biochemist, and Cristina Pataky Medianu, a publicist of Hungarian and Romanian ancestry. Her mother's surname Pataky is Hungarian and means "someone who lived near a creek".Elsa was a member of the Madrid theatre company, Teatro Cámara de Ángel Gutiérrez. Eventually, she left school when she was cast in the television series Al salir de clase. With the success of Al Salir de Clase, Pataky received her first film offer, El arte de morir. Fluent in Spanish, French, English and Romanian, Pataky began to broaden her international appeal by taking on roles outside of the Spanish market. Though Pataky was one of the biggest names in Spanish cinema, she remained relatively unknown in the U.S. Gaining a modicum of notoriety in 2006 for reportedly dating Oscar-winner Adrien Brody, Pataky officially (and unknowingly, at the time) crossed over into the mainstream American market by accepting a supporting role opposite Samuel L. Jackson in the much-hyped action flick "Snakes on a Plane" (2006).She played officer Elena Neves in the movie Fast Five. MTV Networks' named her one of the 'Breakout Stars to Watch for in 2011'.


2011 Copito de Nieve: Bruja del Norte

2011 Where the Road Meets the Sun: Michelle

2011 Fast and Furious 5: Elena Neves

2011 La importancia de ser Ornesto (short)

2010 Di Di Hollywood: Diana Díaz

2010 Mr. Nice: Ilze

2009 Mujeres asesinas (TV series): Paula Moncada
– Ana y Paula, ultrajadas (2009) 

2009 Give 'em Hell, Malone: Evelyn

2009 Giallo: Celine

2008 Santos: Laura Luna

2008 Skate or Die: Dany

2008 Máncora: Ximena Saavedra

2007 Manuale d'amore 2 (Capitoli successivi): Cecilia

2006 Snakes on a Plane: Maria

2005 Películas para no dormir: Cuento de navidad (TV movie): Ekran

2005 Ninette: Alejandra 'Ninette'

2005 Iznogoud: Prehti-Ouhman

2004 Tiovivo c. 1950: Balbina

2004 I delitti della luna piena: Bárbara

2003-2004 Los Serrano (TV series): Raquel Albaladejo
– Yo confieso (2004)
– Natalie (2004)
– Sólo puede quedar uno (2004)
– Casado y monógamo (2004)
– El rey de espadas (2004)

2003 Atraco a las 3... y media: Katya

2003 El furgón: Nina

2003 Beyond Re-Animator: Laura Olney

2003 7 vidas (TV series): Cristina
– La jaula de las locas (2003)

2002 Paraíso (TV series): Luisa
– El cebo (2002)

2002 Peor imposible, ¿qué puede fallar?: Fátima

2002 Clara (TV movie)

2001 Noche de reyes: Marta Cuspineda

2001 Nessuna notizia da Dio: Waitress in Hell

1997-2001 Al salir de clase (TV series): Raquel Alonso
– A la sombra de una mentira (2001)
– Luz de gas (2001)
– A un paso del altar (2001)
– Rojo sobre blanco (1998)
– El primo inesperado (1998)

2000-2001 Queen of Swords (TV series): Vera Hidalgo
– Betrayed (2001)
– The Dragon (2001)
– Takes a Thief (2001)
– The Pretender (2001)
– The Return (2001

2000 Menos es más: Diana

2000 Tatawo: Blanqui

2000 Hospital Central (TV series): Maribel
– En la cuerda floja (2000)
– Relaciones dificiles (2000)

2000 El arte de morir: Candela

1998 La vida en el aire (TV series)
– Episode #1.1 (1998)
– Episode #1.10 (1998)
– Episode #1.11 (1998)
– Episode #1.12 (1998)
– Episode #1.13 (1998)

1998 Tio Willy (TV series)
– La balada del parado (1998)

1997 Solo en la Buhardilla (short): Chica revista

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gal Gadot pictures gallery

Gal Gadot: biography and career

Gal Gadot (Hebrew: גל גדות‎; born April 30, 1985) is an Israeli actress and model. She won the Miss Israel title in 2004 and went on to represent Israel at the 2004 Miss Universe beauty pageant. Though most Israeli's begin their army service at the age of 18, Gal began her service at the age of 20 and kept on working as a model throughout her two-year service. Soon after her release from the army, the United States gained interest in the young Israeli model. The prestigious American magazine "Maxim" asked Gal to be their feature model on their cover and she was invited to be a special guest at the New York launch party. The sexy photo caused great controversy in both Israel and the United States and its popularity brought Gal to the front page of the New York Post. She eventually made the move to Hollywood and became an actress. Gadot married her boyfriend Yaron Versano during the filming of Fast & Furious on September 28, 2008. Gadot appeared in Fast & Furious alongside co-stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, having beat out six other actresses for the role. April of 2011 brought her back to the The Fast & the Furious franchise, reprising her character in Fast Five.
Putting beauty and talent aside, Gal is also known for her warm and charming personality and professionalism.


2011 Fast and Furious 5: Gisele Harabo

2010 Knight and Day: Naomi

2010 Date Night: Natanya

2009 The Beautiful Life: TBL (TV series): Olivia
– The Beautiful Triangle (2009) 
– The Beautiful Lie (2009)
– The Beautiful Aftermath (2009)

2009 Fast & Furious - Solo parti originali: Gisele Harabo

2007 Bubot (TV series): Miriam 'Merry' Elkayam

Jordana Brewster pictures gallery (1)